Keys To Looking For Intermodal Trucking Jobs

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There are a lot of jobs available for truckers, but one of the more coveted is intermodal trucking as it lets you stay close to home on a regular basis. If you want to have success finding these particular trucking gigs, use these insights to your benefit.

Make Sure Gigs Remain Local

Since one of the main perks of intermodal trucking gigs is the ability to stay close to home throughout the year, you need to make sure open intermodal trucking positions have said structure. This is something you can easily find out by reading the description and looking at the exact trucking duties a company is looking to have performed by their drivers. Verify local routes are offered on a regular basis and then you can apply feeling confident about how you're going to manage one gig from the next since they'll all be relatively close to your hometown. 

Use a Platform That Notifies You When New Gigs Become Available

It's important to apply to new intermodal trucking positions as soon as they become available because they can fill up fast, especially if hiring companies really need drivers to handle different cargo.

You'll have an easier time applying quickly to these positions as they become available if you use a platform that provides notifications. Whenever there's a new intermodal trucking position, you'll get an alert and a description of what the gig involves. Then you can apply quickly if it matches what you're wanting as an intermodal truck driver. 

Carefully Review the Minimal Qualifications

You'll improve your odds of landing intermodal trucking gigs in your area if you first make sure you meet all of the minimum qualifications. For intermodal trucking, that's probably going to be a certain truck driving license and a number of years on the road.

Every company may be different with these requirements, so you'll need to go through them carefully when looking for available intermodal trucking positions. As long as you focus on the right gigs that you are more than qualified for, you're going to hear back from a lot more companies about your interest in joining their team. 

A lot of truckers prefer intermodal gigs because they don't involve as much work from a loading standpoint and they typically allow drivers to stay close to home. As long as you search for these gigs strategically as a driver, you're going to find great work in no time.  

For more information, contact a local company that has intermodal trucking jobs available. 


27 July 2022

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