Stop Shoveling: Why You Need Heated Step Treads For Your Home

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Winter has switched into high gear. If you've got snow coming down where you live, it's time to prepare yourself for the cleanup. If you're tired of dealing with snow-packed sidewalks and stairs, heated step treads might be the perfect solution. Heated step treads go directly over your sidewalks and steps to melt away the ice and snow. If you're not sure that heated step treads are right for you, read the list provided below. You'll find four great reasons to invest in them right away. 

Keep Snow Out of the House

If snow gets tracked onto your floors every time someone comes into your home during the winter, it's time to invest in heated step treads. During the winter, there's no easy way to prevent snow from being tracked into your home, especially if you're still using a shovel. That's where heated step treads come into the picture. Once you have the heated treads in place, ice and snow are melted away, leaving a clear path for people to follow. 

Avoid Slip and Fall Accidents

If you're worried about slip and fall accidents during the winter, you need to make some changes to your steps and sidewalks. Snow and ice can create a slippery path to your home. Unfortunately, many winter slip and fall accidents can result in serious injuries. If guests or delivery drivers slip and fall on your property, you could be left to face personal injury claims. 

If you clear your steps and sidewalks using a snow shovel, the surface might still be slippery. Luckily, there's a way to reduce the risk for slip and fall accidents. You can install heated step treads. Your heated step treads will clear the ice and snow, without leaving a slippery surface behind. 

Reduce Your Winter Work

If you're tired of scraping your sidewalks and steps during the winter, heated step treads are your best option. During periods of heavy snowfall, you could be shoveling your steps and sidewalks several times a day. That's in addition to the number of times that you need to shovel your driveway. When you invest in heated step treads, you can reduce your winter workload. That's because you won't need to shovel your sidewalks and steps anymore. 

Eliminate Chemical Use

If you use ice melt on your sidewalks and steps, and you're worried about the environmental impact, it's time to invest in heated step treads. Deicers, such as ice melt granules, can harm the environment. Not only that, but they can be toxic for your pets. With heated step treads, you won't need to worry about the chemicals. Heated step treads clear ice and snow safely, and without any harm to the environment or to your pets.


3 January 2022

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