Reasons To Rent A Self-Propelled Stump Grinder

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If you've recently cut down a tree on your property and now have to deal with the unsightly stump that remains, your best course of action is to visit a local equipment rental center and rent a stump grinder. This tool will allow you to remove any stump in a short period of time. When you look at the various stump grinders that are available for rent, you'll usually find that these machines fit into one of two categories — walk-behind or self-propelled. While both types will help you to complete the job, a self-propelled model can be a better choice for the following three reasons.

It's Easier To Move

Moving a walk-behind stump grinder can require a significant amount of strength because you have to physically push the machine, which can be daunting for some people who wish to rent this piece of equipment. This can especially be true if your stump is in a hilly area, as this will require that you push the stump grinder up one or more hills. When you rent a self-propelled machine instead, you'll make the job considerably easier on yourself. All that you'll need to do is touch the controls on the side of the machine, and it will move wherever you want it to go — without requiring any physical exertion from you.

It's Safer To Operate

While you'll keep safe by carefully reviewing the safety instructions for any stump grinder that you rent, a self-propelled machine can often be safer to use. When you're tightly hanging onto a walk-behind machine, the machine can sometimes jerk and jump as you grind the stump. This may result in mild strains or fatigue to your shoulders or back. When you operate a self-propelled grinder, you're only touching the control panel, rather than hanging tightly onto the machine. This can mean that if the machine jumps, your body won't absorb much of the impact.

It Allows You To Work Quicker

The physically demanding nature of using a walk-behind stump grinder means that you'll likely want to take a few breaks before the job is done. This is especially likely if you have a number of stumps throughout your property that need your attention. Taking breaks may be a relief for your body, but they can lengthen the time that it takes to complete your grinding work. Because a self-propelled stump grinder doesn't require much physical exertion, you won't likely need to take breaks — meaning that you'll complete the job faster.

For more information about stump grinder rental, contact a local rental service.


5 May 2021

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