Three Ways to Evaluate a Handyman Doing a Project for You

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Hiring a handyman allows you to check multiple projects around the home off your to-do list without having to struggle through the work yourself. Regardless of where you live, there's a high probability that you can find multiple handymen to hire, so it's a good idea to find one who comes highly recommended in the community. You can evaluate the handyman in several ways during the first job, and if they meet your expectations, you can keep his name and phone number on file for future projects. Here are three effective ways to evaluate a handyman.

Evidence of Initiative

You want your handyman to possess a high degree of initiative. This is one of the most important qualities that this type of worker can offer clients. In other words, you want the handyman not to simply do what you tell them, but to also look for related tasks and complete them. For example, if you ask the handyman to put a new coat of paint on your deck, you want someone who will point out other areas around your home that need paint and ask if they can deal with them, too.

Work Speed

While you don't want to hire a handyman who is so focused on getting the job done quickly that the quality of his work suffers, you do want someone who moves quickly. You may have a sense of how long certain projects take. For example, if you've removed the snow from the bottom edges of your roof yourself in the past but are now hiring a handyman to do it, you might know that it takes about an hour to do the job well. Keep an eye on the clock while the handyman works — if you can do it in an hour, you want the handyman to spend about the same amount of time or slightly less.

Cleanup Quality

No one wants to be left with a mess when the work is done, and a good handyman will always take care to clean up after whatever they have been doing. Feel free to check out the area in which the handyman was working to see how clean they have left it. If the handyman was repainting a wooden fence for you, you want to see that there's no garbage left around the fence, and even that small things — such as picking up any large pieces of peeled paint from when they scraped away the old paint — have been properly deal with. Upon finding a handyman who satisfies these areas, you can be confident to rehire them for future jobs.


6 November 2020

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