3 Benefits Of Installing Exit Devices On All Your Commercial Exterior Doors

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You might have noticed that a lot of commercial buildings have exit devices on all of their commercial exterior doors. You may not have installed them on all — or any — of your commercial exterior doors, though. If you are a commercial property owner, you should think about installing exit devices on all of your exterior doors for these reasons. If you do, you probably will not regret it.

1. Make It Easier for People to Get Out in an Emergency

The primary purpose of exit devices is so that they can be used to help people get out of the building in the case of an emergency. If you install them on all of your commercial exit doors, then you might find that it's a good decision if there is ever a fire or other emergency in your business. After all, installing exit devices on all of your commercial doors makes it easier for those who are inside your building to quickly and easily find their way out if necessary.

2. Go Above and Beyond Local Safety Codes

Your local building codes probably address exit devices and other safety features that can be installed within your business. You might only be required to install a certain number of exit devices in your building, but installing them on all of your doors will help you go above and beyond safety codes in your area, which is always a good thing.

3. Protect Your Doors

Believe it or not, exit devices aren't just helpful for people, but they can be helpful for protecting your doors, too. If you have exit bars installed on your doors, then you can encourage your customers to open the door by pushing on the bar instead of the door itself or the handle. Since these exit bars are designed to withstand some force, they should hold up pretty well and protect your doors at the same time. Of course, you should have them installed properly and should check them from time to time, but you should find that they hold up well.

If you have a commercial building and want to improve it, check out the exit devices that are available for commercial doors. Instead of just installing them on a few of your doors, which you might have seen in a lot of businesses or planned to do yourself in the beginning, you should think about installing them on all of the doors that lead outside your building for the reasons mentioned above.

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25 October 2019

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