Birthday Surprises For Water Lovers

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If someone special in your life is celebrating a birthday, it's the perfect time for a special surprise! A day on or near the water is a wonderful way to spend a relaxing birthday, and there are plenty of ways you can surprise the water lover in your life with a gift he or she will remember for years to come! Read on for some ideas.

Waterside Dining

Take your celebrant out for a leisurely lunch or dinner at a restaurant that overlooks the water. Even cocktails on a restaurant's dock would be a wonderful surprise. And if your budget is tight? There's nothing wrong with a picnic or a couple of beers on the local fishing dock. 


For the water lover in your life who also likes the thrill of the chase, consider spending a day fishing. You can head out to your favorite spot with a small boat or hang out on the shore with your own equipment, or you can go big and charter a boat for some deep water fishing. Deep water fishing could be a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity that any water lover would enjoy.

Rent a Boat

Taking your birthday celebrant out for a relaxing day or evening on the water is a wonderful surprise. Look into sailboat rental services or pontoon rental services. Often, pontoon rental services companies will provide someone to operate the boat, so all you have to do is sit back and watch the world go by while someone else does all the work. 

For Adventure Seekers

If you're celebrating someone who loves the water and adventure, you have plenty of options. Consider a day of surf lessons or take your celebrant waterskiing. If it's available in your area, you can go parasailing or get towed behind a speedboat on an inflatable tube. Any of these ideas would make for an exciting day on the water.

Keep It Simple

Maybe your birthday celebrant doesn't need a lot of fanfare surrounding his or her birthday. For this type of celebrant, a simple walk along the beach would be nice. Or consider a picnic on a cliff overlooking the water. If, for some reason, the person you're celebrating can't go to the water or lives in a landlocked area, bring the water to them! Collect a jar of sand, a few pretty shells and pictures of a beautiful beach will be a touching way to acknowledge his or her love of the ocean.


4 October 2018

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