3 Steps To Take Before Renting A Forklift

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If you are planning to move pallets of heavy objects around, then having access to a forklift can be beneficial. Forklifts make it easy to relocate heavy loads, but these machines can be quite costly. Renting a forklift allows you to take advantage of the benefits these machines can provide without incurring the expenses associated with ownership.

Here are three steps that you should take prior to renting a forklift to ensure you end up with the right piece of equipment to meet your lifting needs.

1. Determine the weight of your loads.

There are many different types of forklifts available on the rental market today, and many of these machines feature varying load capacities. When you put too much weight onto a forklift, you run the risk of tipping the machine over and causing serious damage or injury. 

Before you rent a forklift to use in the future, you should take the time to carefully calculate the weight of your loads. Knowing how much each pallet you plan to move weighs will allow you to rent a forklift that is equipped to handle your weight demands.

2. Think about your lift height.

In addition to knowing how much each load you plan to move weighs, you must also consider how high you will need to lift each load while using a forklift.

You can easily utilize a forklift to place loaded pallets onto shelving in order to free up space in your warehouse. You just need to know the approximate height of your shelves so that you can rent a forklift with the capacity to lift each pallet to the right height for proper storage.

3. Check the environmental conditions.

The environment in which your forklift will operate can play an important role in the selection process when it comes to renting a forklift. If you will be moving heavy loads along uneven ground, then you will need a forklift with galvanized rubber tires that will provide added stability.

If your warehouse has narrow aisles, then a forklift with a small turning radius will prove useful. Knowing the environmental conditions in which you will be operating your forklift will help you rent the machine that is equipped to meet your lifting needs safely.

Renting the right forklift can seem like a challenge, but there are some simple steps that you can take to help identify the forklift best suited to meet your lifting needs. Be sure to consider your load weights, lifting height, and environmental conditions when selecting your next rented forklift.


15 November 2017

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