Five Ways In Which A Children's Travel Tray Is Very Useful

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Children's travel trays have been around for some time now. They were first introduced as a means of providing travel tables to feed kids on the go. Now they are used for so much more. Here is how these trays have crossed into different avenues of use, and how they may be of use to your family if you are traveling for the holidays:

Activity Trays

Kids can use their trays for supporting coloring books and holding crayons. They can draw, work on schoolwork that is assigned to them over the holidays, and even support tablets, portable DVD players, and portable gaming devices. In short, if it is an activity, it can be done on a travel tray.

Separating Fighting Children

Kids will fight. They will fight in the car; they will fight on a plane. They will fight when it is sunny, and they will fight in the rain. When you have had enough Seussian moments, stick the travel trays in between the kids in the back seat or between them on a plane (you will need to buy an extra passenger seat for that!). Then they can just yell at each other but cannot hit.

Eating in Other Rooms of the House

Sometimes you just want a peaceful moment at a holiday meal without the kids. If you are hosting this year, get a bunch of travel trays and stick them in the living room or den. The adults can gather around the dining table while the kids eat in the other room and watch holiday specials. The trays are plastic, so they wipe clean quite easily. If you buy the ones with cup holders, then it is also impossible for them to spill their drinks in the next room.

Child "Restraints"

Travel trays can also help keep kids in their seats. While they are no substitute for legal vehicle restraints, they can be used to keep kids strapped in. Buy the travel trays that have openings through the sides of the tops of the trays. Lap belts can be strung through these openings and secured out of reach. Any time you stop and a kid wants to get out of the car for no other reason than to get out, he or she cannot release the lap belt and climb out without a parent's help.

Entertainment Tables at a Restaurant

Sometimes restaurants are just too loud, too busy, and too slow with service. Kids get antsy and whiny. Take the travel trays with, some small snack items that will not spoil their suppers, and a few activities. The kids will do better waiting for their food with something occupying them.

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14 November 2017

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