What Is The Difference Between Sewer Lines And Storm Drains?

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If you look at the streets in your city, you are going to see all kinds of manholes and drains and grates. While you may think that they are all for sewer lines, the fact is that they are handling different kinds of things. One thing that they handle is the sewer lines. Another is the storm drain off. What is the difference between sewer lines and storm drains?

Sewer Lines

The sewer lines are handling all the wastewater and products that are produced by houses and businesses. When you flush a toilet or run something down your sink, it goes through the wastewater pipes in your house and down into the sewer lines from your house to bigger and bigger lines until they get to the water purification and treatment plants. At the treatment plants, the wastewater starts going through the various treatment stages until the water has been cleaned and purified. It takes some time for that to happen, and there are a lot of steps that the water has to go through, including separating out all the solids from the water so that the solids can be handled differently and in other ways. Sewer lines can be accessed through manholes or through digging down into the street for them, but they aren't open to the streets, so storm runoff shouldn't get into them. 

Storm Drains

Storm drains are specifically designed to handle the water that collects on the ground when it rains. The storm drains get water from the grates that you see on the side of the street in your town. The storm drains don't go to the wastewater treatment center; instead, they are designed to lead out to the nearest body of water, such as a pond, lake, or stream. That way the water gets off the streets and out into the body of water without the streets getting backed up. Since the grates are on the side of the road, they also catch any and all drain off, so if you are washing your car and all the water runs into the road, it will end up in the storm drains, along with any leaves, debris, or anything else, and then run out into the nearest body of water. 

While it isn't mandatory to know the difference between sewer lines and storm drains, it is an interesting fact to know and dazzle your friends with. For more information about water treatment services and how it affects your household, contact a professional water treatment service, such as AquaTec Water Conditioning.


10 November 2017

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