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Having interns in your office gives you a way to get small tasks completed each day while giving them the job experience they need to advance their careers. Part of building a successful intern program is to recognize the good work they do, particularly if you offer unpaid internships. Here are some recognition reward programs you can put into place to show your interns you notice the good work they do.

Certificate Of Excellence Program

Providing interns with a certificate of excellence offers a way to reward good work, and it also gives them something they can put on their resume. Give out custom certificates in a frame, which they can keep in their cubicles while working with your company, and offer an additional prize to go with each certificate. These prizes might include coffee mugs, messenger bags, or lunch totes with your company's name printed on them.

Intern Of the Month Program

Recognize one intern at your monthly staff meetings, and provide them with a certificate or plaque to commemorate the occasion. You can also create a wall of honor for all recipients as an additional way to recognize good work. Choose a spot on the break room or lobby wall, and hang certificates for each winner, along with a custom sign indicating they've earned "Intern of the Month" honors.

Thank-You Awards

As each person's internship ends, consider offering thank-you awards. These awards give you a chance to show your appreciation for all the hard work they've put in over the months or years with your company. An engraved trophy or plaque can be a great option for the award, and you may also want to include a gift basket or bag with a few parting gifts the interns can use as they begin their professional careers. Executive pen sets, professional folios, or leather briefcases with each intern's name engraved on the side make wonderful parting gift options.

Partner with your human resource department to determine which interns have earned these awards, and be sure to recognize each person in front of your entire staff. If you will be placing interns in permanent paid positions in your company, you can also give them on-boarding gifts as a special way to welcome them to the team. Look for unique gift ideas for each type of reward, and don't forget to put reward programs into place for the rest of your staff as well.

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