3 Tips For Saving Money When You Buy Jewelry

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If you want to purchase some jewelry this year as holiday gifts, it helps to know how to save money on this purchase. If you want to get the best buy on your jewelry gift purchases, stay away from labels, go with synthetics, and remember that silver is more than okay.

#1 Stay Away from Labels

Many people wrongly assume that the only jewelry worth purchasing comes from well-known jewelry stores. However, it is important to realize that great jewelry doesn't have to come from Tiffany's to be high quality. You can find great quality jewelry at regional jewelry stores, local jewelry stores and jewelry stores associated with department stores. It is not about the name on the outside of store, it is about the quality of the jewelry inside of the store.  Be willing to check out your local jewelry stores for great deals and great jewelry.

#2 Synthetics Are Affordable

When you purchase a gem, there are three different types of gems. Natural gems are ones that were dug out of the ground and then cut and formatted for the particular piece of jewelry that you are purchasing. Synthetic gems were made in the laboratory.

Synthetic gems have the same beauty and appearance of natural gems, they just didn't come from the ground. Scientific methods were used to create these gems.

You also have imitation gems. Imitation gems are made to appear to look like gems but don't have the same chemical make-up, which is how imitations gems vary from synthetics. Synthetic gems have the same make-up as natural gems, they were just formed in a different way. Imitation gems are made from different materials entirely.

Natural gems cost more than synthetic and imitation gems. If you are on a budget, synthetic gems are a great option. You get the look, feel and make-up of a real gem, at a fraction of the cost.

#3 Silver Is Okay

It used to be that gold was the standard setting for jewelry. However, nowadays, many individuals actually like and prefer silver settings. Silver settings are also generally more affordable than gold settings.

Pay attention to the types of settings that the individual you want to purchase jewelry for already wears. Chances are good if you see them wearing silver settings, they would be more than happy with a silver jewelry piece.

The best quality silver is sterling silver, which is made almost entirely of silver. Nickel silver and German silver appears silver in color but is not made out of the metal silver.

Save some money on your jewelry gifts this year by checking out a local and regional jewelry store, going with synthetic stones instead of gemstones, and choosing silver settings over gold settings. 


1 November 2017

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