Freelance Writing Causing You Pain? 3 Simple Solutions To Reduce Back And Neck Strain

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As a freelance writer, you are most likely familiar with the long hours needed to make a living with words. From research and content creation to finding new clients and proofreading, the time spent in front of a computer and over a keyboard can become overwhelming. In addition to the emotional stress and time constraints that you face, writing can also lead to physical ailments, such as eye, back, and neck strain. Fortunately, you can continue living your dream as a freelance writer without the worry of physical stress. Here are a few tips to reduce the risk of eye, back, and neck strain while working as a writer.

Chair Posture

The way you sit in front of the computer or over a laptop will affect your physical health. Sitting in an abnormal position in the wrong chair will strain your back and neck. Over time, this strain can lead to physical pain and even permanent issues that affect your posture.

Invest in a good-quality, ergonomic chair to reduce the risk of physical strain while protecting your posture and spine.

The office chair should offer lumbar support, which protects your lower back while upholding a proper posture. When sitting in your chair, you should be able to sit with your bottom pressed up against the back with the lumbar cushion that supports your lower back.

The seat height can also affect your posture. Adjust the seat to a position that allows you to sit with your bottom up against the back support while keeping your feet firmly planted on the ground.

The height of your chair's armrests is also important. Make sure your chair has adjustable arms. Adjust the armrests to allow your shoulders to be slightly lifted while sitting in the chair. This positioning will reduce strain on your upper spine and neck while allowing  you to uphold proper posture.

Desk/Computer Position

The placement of your desk, keyboard, and computer monitor is also essential when writing for long periods of time.

Some desks are designed for monitors to be in an angled position or the side of the desk. This positioning will require constant turning and stretching of the neck and upper spine, which can lead to discomfort. For the most comfortable positioning, make sure to center your computer monitor directly in front of you and your line of sight.

Move your office chair away from the desk so the monitor is an arm's length away from you. If you have a larger monitor screen, you can move your chair back even further since vision will not be a problem.

The monitor should be on an adjustable stand that allows you to customize its height. For the most direct view, which reduces the risk of eye strain, make sure the top of your monitor's screen is level with your eyes.

When sitting in your chair properly in front of the computer monitor, you should be able to type on the keyboard with your elbows making a right angle. To ensure your keyboard is at the right position, you may need to adjust the keyboard tray. If your desk does not have a keyboard tray, place the keyboard on the actual desk in front of your computer monitor.

Take Breaks

Even if you have strict deadlines that need to be met, you should take periodic breaks while writing. Get up and out of your chair every hour and take a quick walk around your home or outside. If you do not have the time to walk away from your computer, consider completing a few exercises in your chair. Every few minutes, stretch your arms towards the ceiling as far as you can reach while sitting in the chair. Hold these stretches for a few seconds. This simple movement will reduce stiffness and strain in your neck, upper spine, and lower back.

Freelance writing is a career that can cause emotional and physical stress, but you can reduce your discomfort. Using this guide, you will be able to have a rewarding, pain-free career as a freelance writer.


26 October 2017

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